The Relevance of a time such as this

By Nadine Van Der Wateren

 2016-06-21 03:48 PM by
The Relevance of a time such as this

Ever wondered about the outcome of your life if you had the opportunity to apply the knowledge that you had now, in the time of the early 50's or 60's?
Ever considered the implications of tapping into your knowledge and the impeccable amount of coincidences that could occur when you would have entered then a room or apply that knowledge on the then JSE floor?

We often hear in commemorative rhetoric’s about a remarkable person such and sow were…, and that they were years beyond their peers. Ie Freddy Mercury voice range with exceptional control was something scientist tried to unravel years after his death. The intricate work of a Van Gogh painting is talked about in many art circles even today. Vincent Van Gogh visually depicted turbulence, an incredibly complex (and still unsolved) mathematical principle in several paintings during a particularly chaotic time in his life. The impact of his work only becomes relevant after his death. In his lifetime he only sold 1 painting and commit suicide at the age of 37.
The author Ernest Hemingway was also one that if only he managed to endure the pain, let go of his boisterous ego and hold on to the very good, the very gentle and the very sweet that he tasted so lavishly could have experienced his own legacy that he so tenderly feared would not be there. And for us that are known to his works, his magnificent way of creating emotion with such abbreviating and swift economic use of words, can only marvel at the courage that he dare to embrace in a time where economic word phrases were not welcomed.

The impeccable images these characters left behind; for the generations of the then future still stunted many of us mortals. There is so many more falling with the above category.

To narrow the above to a time such as this; we are walking now the passages of noise, with no filters and silencers - social media with high speed un-connectedness. I sometimes wonder.. I tried to find an answer, and stopped… if I lived in the 60’s with the millennial knowledge what would I do different? I am here on this day in this country and what legacy do I leave behind for a time such as this?
There is currently a swift change in the market place. More than ever people become agitated with the 8 -5 working hour week. To develop creative ideas to create new employment opportunities was never at such high demand.
We found that millennials have a total different onset to work ethics and are you ready to adapt? Statistics plummeted when analyses were done on productivity in the workplace all over the world.
Did we not somewhere along the line start to outgrow what used to work for us? Should we not perhaps afford ourselves the luxury of focusing on the benefit of change in our own backyards?

We have currently more administration than ever; and HR tick box exercises to complete in the corporate environment. Did all of that not perhaps result into us losing our focus on what was the goals when I started my employment and now I am just focusing on how I could as an individual elevate me from “not being the weakest link and here is my proof”.
Did all of that not perhaps force us to rather name and shame the individual that did not pass the baton? Instead of what relevance was my role to make sure my division,/ my unit,/ my team,/ my salesforce left a remarkable legacy for this quarter, for the company?

Are we therefore not perhaps busy with a work, a deed that would also be known for its benefits for ages to come, but we surrender to the pressures of being unconnected to our goals and dreams.  With this in mind we are the next Hemingway’s, Van Gogh’s, or fallen rock stars. We could be busy with something greater but instead we choose something tragic. Resulting into low productivity, and having little or no relevance.

To be relevant for this age and day, we have options. However are we willing to combat the change and apply the necessary endurance through being connected with realness, even though everything around you turns out of key?

Nadine Van Der Wateren